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Are Your Dues Paid for 2023?

Make sure to PAY YOUR DUES FOR 2023 today so you can not only support our Lodge, but enjoy all the events the Lodge offers!  Lodge dues cost $15.00 for the year.


Spring Inductions 2023

REGISTER HERE for Spring Inductions weekend (and OA Workday on April 22), April 21-23, 2023 at Sinoquipe. Help welcome our new Brothers into the Lodge.  They'll be fellowship, food, and always fun.  During the weekend we'll be holding a workday for all Brothers who are already members to help prepare camp for the upcoming 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee in May.  Ordeal candidates are $50.00, Brotherhood candidates are $35.00, Helpers are $10.00, and if you hold the 2023 Golden Ticket there is no cost as a helper.  We hope to see you there!  Remember to make sure your dues are paid prior to signing up for the Inductions Weekend.  You can pay your dues online.  

Please note: On the online registration form we are also updating our Lodge records so please fill out the additional information to make sure that we have your records up-to-date in Lodgemaster.  Thank you for your cooperation.


What's Happening In The Lodge?

The Rattler: Winter 2023 is Guneukitschik Lodge 317's quarterly newsletter that tells about the upcoming events and recaps of other events in the Lodge.  

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